Display Booths

Introductions and sample display booths implemented by Agrin
After more than 10 years of booth construction, since the beginning of 2013, the Agrin company has been working for the welfare of the participants who have small booths, congresses, pavilions, etc., or they want to have a cost-effective stand.
Agrin presented a new generation of exhibition booths with architectural, design, and management tools for special and Super Compact materials, so that partners can build their own needs at the lowest cost and highest quality, and only by managing the resources of what A booth is expected at the fair.
Below you can see examples of implemented display booths by Agrin:

Agrin is the innovator of the new generation of Display Booths, which is the first and the largest company in Iran to benefit from this method in display booths.
Hence, the pace of construction, high quality, low cost and beauty of the booth is one of the most prominent features of this generation of booths that has satisfied the customers of this company.