Wooden booths

Introduction and examples of wooden booths implemented by Agrin Stands Company

Architectural science, engineering facilities, 3D and dynamic graphic design, along with our creativity and many years of experience, are just tools to better show the capabilities and potentials of your organization during the exhibition.
Negeh Sabz Agrin Company is proud to be one of the best and leaders in this industry by using the most modern and complete software and hardware tools, from the stage of receiving orders and 3D design to the implementation and demolition of the booth, and to satisfy its customers in the best way. to attract as possible.
All stages of construction of Special Wooden booths in Agrin's dedicated workshop are carried out by the most experienced and experienced workers, and the manufactured parts are assembled together at the exhibition site, and there is no limit to the size of the booth and the facilities inside the booth.
Below you can see a selection of Wooden booths implemented by Agrinstands Company:

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