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The Agrin Exhibit Team is a specialized department of booth marketing Mellika company (Establishment 2004), which has started its activity since the year 1392 as the Independent Negahe Sabze Agrin Company, and since 1394 has entered the field of attracting participants and supporting the holding. Exhibitions and national and international conferences have expanded their activities in the field of exhibition industry.
In the direction of the target, market penetration was displayed with the brand by satisfying customers, speeding up the implementation, preventing waste of human and financial resources, and the invention of the innovative technique of building exhibitions.


Architecture, engineering, 3D design and dynamic graphics, along with our many years of creativity and experience, are just a tool to better demonstrate the capabilities and potential of your organization during the exhibition.
Agrin is proud to be one of the industry’s leading and leading suppliers in the industry by utilizing the most advanced and complete software tools and hardware from the stage of ordering and 3D designing to execution and demolition of the booth, and satisfaction of our customers in the best possible way.
The entire process of constructing a wooden pavilion at the dedicated agrin workshop is carried out by the most experienced and most experienced forces and assembled at the exhibition site of the components, and there is no restriction on the size of the pavilion and the facilities in the pavilion.
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After more than 10 years of booth construction, since the beginning of 2013, the Agrin company has been working for the welfare of the participants who have small booths, congresses, pavilions, etc., or they want to have a cost-effective stand.
Agrin Exhibition Team presented a new generation of exhibition booths with architectural, design, and management tools for special and Super Compact materials, so that partners can build their own needs at the lowest cost and highest quality, and only by managing the resources of what A booth is expected at the fair.
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Official member and member of the Legal Committee of the Employers Association of Tehran Exhibitors
Owning a 1200-meter booth at any exhibition from a joint-stock company
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